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Why the British are so beloved hat?

2016-03-29 22:49:46

Why the British are so beloved hat?

In the British view, wearing a hat is a lot of stress, but they only payattention to authentic British sense, many foreign dignitaries with lady's hathad been subjected to criticism. Hat is so deeply rooted feelings for theBritish people, many designers are also affected, will show all of theinspiration given to the head of the arts.


Britons are said to participate inactivities, including weddings, funerals, all kinds of gatherings, and evenopera, listen to lectures and watch boat races, all with a hat. Most wool hat,also have different styles, different wear law also shows the British blendingdifferent degrees of confidence, experience and experience


    In the UK, the hat comeout of social, cultural, many social customs have a relationship with the hat.


    In addition, the UK has ablack bowler hat, has become a symbol of the British men's social status. InEnglish there is the word "bad hat", actually the "bad hat"means "bad guy"; in addition to describe something very dark, thensaid, "like a hat so black" (as black as a hat), presumably with thisblack bowler hat are not unrelated.