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How to determine the color of a custom hat?

2016-03-29 22:25:13

                                                                                How to determine the color of a custom hat?


Many guests in custom-made hat when choosea simple style, but often in the choice of colors and tangled, because the samesection of the hat at the same number of cases, do add color is need to upgradethe unit price, where small series Tell us a little about the proposal, hopingto help the needs of customers.


We generally do snapback hats, there willbe a lot of space to choose from, some money is very fancy, but this kind ofhat to a lot of people feeling is cool cool, but also won the favor of manyyoung people.


In small series for many years removed fromthe hat industry experience, make this hat the best color choice is black.First the color wild, suitable for many types of clothes, the color of the hat secondcolor more neutral, for the crowd more extensive, and the third is the dirthat, hat can not machine washable, so save a lot of lazy upset.


 In addition to black choice, in fact, thishat hit the color is also very good oh! Hat when large orders, the price is thesame, and a solid color too!